Twitter Spaces gets co-host functionality

Turning their attention to the failed fleets fleeting experience, the Twitter production team focuses on Spaces, its take on audio-only rooms.

As of this week, a single space can include a host, two co-hosts, and up to 10 speakers. Enlist a pair of designer friends, family, or acquaintances to help with moderation tasks, including inviting speakers, handling requests, deleting attendees, and pinning tweets.

To get started, tap the two people icon at the bottom of the screen, then use your two co-host invites to summon people already in the space. Co-hosts cannot delete the original host or its peer, or end a broadcast. This decision increases the number of participants who can speak at a time, from a limit of 10 speakers to 13.

Introduced in December to a handful of iPhone owners, extended to Android beta testers in March and rolled out to desktop users in May, the Twitter competitor Clubhouse is “focused on the privacy of the human voice.”

Capitalizing on the audio-only trend, Twitter began accepting applications in June to join test groups for its Super Follows (iOS only) and Ticketed Spaces (iOS and Android), allowing users to start earning money with their exclusive live hearing experiences. The Super Follows subscription service helps creators build relationships with fans, while Ticketed Spaces makes it easy to customize events.

A number of social networks have jumped on the bandwagon from Spotify’s Clubhouse, Greenroom and Reddit Talk to Slack Huddles and Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms, the latter of which combine artificial intelligence with built-in audio creation tools directly into it. the company’s mobile platform.

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