Shangri-La Group creates new Fam.ily brand, launches UGC and Weibo campaign

Shangri-La Group has launched its family experience brand Fam.ily which targets multigenerational families and supports clients in their parenting journey. According to the brand, the new offering reflects the Asian heritage and the strong family culture of Shangri-La. It aims to reaffirm the brand’s commitment to grow with customers and to deliver on its brand’s promise of genuine hospitality. Fam.ily pilot programs will be rolled out at four facilities across mainland China. INTERACTIVE-MARKETING has contacted Shangri-La for more details regarding the program.

The Fam.ily brand logo consists of two parts: “fam”, the abbreviated word for “family”, and “ily”, the abbreviation for “I Love You”, connected by an infinity symbol. At the center of the symbol is a heart-shaped knot, symbolizing the love shared by family members and the strong bonds between them. The logo (pictured below) reflects Shangri-La’s commitment to go beyond service by inviting customers to be part of an integrated, family-centric experience.

To help clients on their parenting journey, Fam.ily will also help connect families through multiple channels, such as online discussion groups and family events. Fam.ily also harnesses Shangri-La’s knowledge and expertise by engaging thought leaders and experts in parenting and child development to share ideas and advice with the Fam.ily community.

The launch of Fam.ily is also accompanied by a UGC campaign on Weibo and Red where subscribers are invited to post a short video capturing an authentic reaction from their family when they hear “I love you” using the hashtag # 香 亲 香 爱 我 爱 我 的 for the chance to win.

This new initiative follows the recent Shangri-La brand logo refresh and 50th anniversary celebrations, reflecting the brand’s journey and evolution with its customers while remaining true to the brand’s roots by consistently offering warm Asian hospitality. He also worked with creative agency Design Bridge Shanghai to complete the rebranding of JEN, the group’s upscale hotel chain aimed at attracting travelers from around the world.

Shangri-La Group Chairman Hui Kuok said family has always been at the heart of Shangri-La brand culture. With the launch of the new brand, she hopes to deliver the most cherished experiences that will bring families together and create cherished and lasting memories for her family guests. Thanks to Fam.ily, customers can participate in a wide variety of activities specially designed to encourage learning through play and the sharing of experiences.

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