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SenseTime launches AI drug development

SenseTime has published a number of latest research findings, spanning drug discovery, preclinical research, clinical trials, new drug postmarketing and other drug development links, with the goal of accelerating the research process and commercialization of new drugs through AI technology, shorten the R&D cycle of new drugs. , and reduce drug R&D costs and increase the success rate of new drug development.

Baidu: IoT will evolve from connecting information to awakening everything

Chinese internet giants like BAT are actively deploying carbon neutrality. Ma Jie, vice president of Baidu Inc., said that the Internet of Things (IoT) focused on “connecting everything” in the past. In the digital age, there is a need to “wake it up” and make the world smarter. Relying on millions of equipment nodes and hundreds of millions of data carriers, Baidu launched an intelligent IoT platform “Duneng”, which performs corporate carbon footprint tracking and accounting automatic carbon, helping businesses locate carbon emissions, understand carbon footprint, support global energy structure adjustment and carbon trading.

RELX successfully applied for the first electronic cigarette clinical trial in China

RELX, a Chinese electronic cigarette company listed in the United States, announced that its electronic cigarette clinical trial has been successfully registered with the China Clinical Trials Registration Center and the International Clinical Trial Registration Platform. World Health Organization clinical trials. This is the first electronic cigarette clinical research project in China that has successfully passed ethical review and expert review, and approved for implementation, filling the research void. national clinic on electronic cigarettes. The project lasts 3 months and will study the metabolic kinetics of nicotine in subjects and the effect on human biomarkers after replacing cigarettes with RELX products. At present, the research team has virtually completed the methodological verification of biomarkers in humans.

BYD begins data cooperation with Vastbase

Vastbase has entered into a cooperation with BYD. The deployment and application of its database in BYD Group has officially started.

Genetic Testing Company Berry Oncology Raised 700 Million RMB Under Series B1

Berry Oncology, a Chinese genetic testing company that focuses on the entire course of cancer, has finalized a round of B1 funding by raising nearly 700 million RMB. This round was led by China Merchants Capital. Existing investors Qiming Venture Partners and Legend Capital, as well as new investors CICC Qichen, E Fund, Fujian Innovation Investment, C&D Xinxing Investment and other well-known investors also participated.

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