Islamic State group infiltrates pro-Trump social network GETTR

The Islamic State group is using the free speech policy of pro-Trump social media GETTR to spread its propaganda and “fight the West on its own virtual turf.”

Suspected supporters of the Islamic State group have found their way into GETTR, a social media platform with predominantly right-wing content that gained popularity after former US President Donald Trump was defeated in last year’s election. .

The platform was originally launched as an alternative to free speech by Trump allies after it was removed from the platform after the January 6 Capitol riots. GETTR, along with other spaces like Speak, which has championed the fight against censorship, allows right-wing social media users to post freely without being subject to anti-hate speech laws.

According to a report from an American media POLITICS, members of ISIS, an extremist group that controlled parts of Iraq and Syria until a few years ago, seek to profit from GETTR’s anti-censorship philosophy by joining and spreading their propaganda.

IS “was very quick to tap into GETTR,” said Moustafa Ayad, executive director for Africa, Middle East and Asia at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a think tank that tracks the extremism online. POLITICS.

“On Facebook, there was on one of these accounts that I follow that is known to be the Islamic State, that said, ‘Oh, Trump has announced his new platform. Inshallah, all mujahedin will be running this platform. -form ‘”, he added. “The next day there were at least 15 accounts on GETTR that belonged to the Islamic State. “

Days after GETTR launched on July 1, suspected ISIS supporters urged supporters on other social media to join the pro-Trump network, to fight the right-wing camp directly on their own virtual turf .

“If this app achieves the desired success, which is most likely, it should be adopted by subscribers and occupied in order to regain the glory of Twitter, may God prevail,” wrote a Facebook account that appeared sympathetic with July 6.

They have been found sharing content including graphic videos of beheadings, viral memes that encourage violence against the Western world, and even memes of an activist executing Trump in an orange jumpsuit, similar to those used at Guantanamo. Bay, were found. Some of the July material has been removed.

Being backed by prominent Trump allies has helped GETTR become one of the most widely used social media networks on the right.

Its chief executive is Jason Miller, Trump’s chief spokesperson in the 2016 US presidential race and adviser for his re-election campaign. The site is partially funded by Miles Guo, the business partner of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. Trump, however, is neither openly involved in GETTR, nor officially using it.

Miller claims the IS camp infiltrated GETTR because Trump militarily beat them. “The only ISIS operatives still alive are keyboard warriors hiding in caves and eating earthen cookies,” he said. POLITICS.

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