HW News | GamersNexus | Intel 12900K and 12600K specs, DLSS on ARM processor, slower DRAM price

This week we have big news from Intel and TSMC. Intel’s plans for Europe could total $ 100 billion in investments across multiple sites, as the company moves forward on its grand IDM 2.0 initiative. Intel has also announced a webcast for later in July, targeting details regarding its process technology and packaging roadmap, and there are rumors that Intel is looking to buy GlobalFoundries.

There’s also hardware level news from Corsair and Gigabyte, an update on DRAM pricing, new research on the PC gaming market from JPR, and more.

TSMC is the latest to detail liquid cooling research directly on silicon, with what appears to be promising results.

02:58 | Intel 12900K released by accident, specs rumored
Following the recent trend of products leaking into the market before sending review samples, Intel’s i9-12900K engineering samples have recently been spotted in Chinese markets. More recently, we were able to purchase R5 5600G and R7 5700G APUs prior to review sampling by purchasing pre-built ones, and prior to that we got the Intel i7-11700K about a month before launch by purchasing from from a retailer who crammed the launch. The specs for the Intel 12 series have already been leaked, at least if they’re correct, and now it looks like the 12900K is the next early access opportunity. We have a few lines to contact. We are still looking for one. Zhongwen huozhe yingwen, the dou keyi women.

For now, the Series 12 is hard to describe purely in terms of cores and frequencies: Alder Lake processors will include two core architectures internally, one being Golden Cove – running at higher speeds – and the one being Gracemont. Gracemont is supposed to run low-power workloads with greater efficiency than Golden Cove, theoretically helping Intel with the power management and thermal envelope of its package.

For specs, all of these things are just rumors at the moment: they were posted on the Zhi1hu1 discussion boards, similar to Quora, so the validity is to be determined.

The 12900K is listed as 8C / 16T from Golden Cove and 8C / 8T from Gracemont, with Golden Cove cores – the ones that would be used for gaming – rumored to be 5 GHz boost and 5.3 GHz TVB. Gracemont is listed as 3.7 GHz-3.9 GHz. Combined L3 would be 30MB, with PL1 at 125W and PL2 at 228W under Tau boosting.

The other rumored specs list the 12700K as having the same number of cores for Golden Cove, with a reduction to 4C / 4T on Gracemont. Frequencies are reduced by a few hundred MHz, as expected. L3 decreases by 5MB.

The 12600K operates in 6C / 12T, as expected, with Gracemont again in 4C / 4T. Frequencies fall into more familiar 4.5-4.9 GHz territory on Golden Cove. The cache drops to 20MB. We’ll be curious to see if Intel tries to market the 12900K as a “24-thread” processor, or the 12600K as 10-core, 16-thread. Testing them will be more complicated than typical.

As for availability, we’ve reached out to Twitter user YuuKi_AnS to discuss the 12900K spotted in China. The processor sold for around $ 1,000 or more and was an engineering sample. Availability in the wider market is still a few months away. Source: https://t.bilibili.com/548784902175586016?tab=2

Source: https://www.zhihu.com/pin/1398908386876067840 (main) Source: https://www.techspot.com/news/90458-strange-intel-core-12900k-12700k-12600k-specs-have. html (secondary)

07:31 | Steam Deck has an M.2 slot, inviting partners to the valve
As soon as the Steam Deck was announced last week, we emailed the Valve press team to try and get more info on specs and internals. This email went unanswered. Of course, the right way to get information from Valve, which is an unreachable monster, is to simply email CEO Gabe Newell himself. One user emailed Gabe Newell asking if M.2 slots would be on the Steam Deck. The answer was a simple “yes”. Valve then updated their Steam Deck page to clarify this information:

“All models use 2230 M.2 socket modules (not intended for end-user replacement).” The “not planned” part is just the usual for disassembling the product: you will have to disassemble things, so the company stops recommending it. It looks like we’ll be able to add our own 2230 drives though, which will help buyers of the 64GB eMMC models. We’ll document all of this in our teardown once we have the device. We’re on the back order list for January, but if you get yours in December, let us know and we’ll buy it from you a little more or ask you to borrow it.

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  • HW News | GamersNexus | Intel 12900K and 12600K specs, DLSS on ARM processor, slower DRAM price
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