Here’s a new look at League of Legends Arcane’s upcoming show

With League of Legends’ upcoming animated series Arcane slated for release this fall, it looks like it’s time for us to start getting a good look at what it will bring. While there doesn’t appear to be a recent word on Riot Games’ English channels, it appears the studio has shared a new clip from the show on League’s Chinese site Weibo, which gives us about two minutes. of sequences to watch. .

Redditor Anonymous_B posted the clip they claim is from the Weibo League on Reddit. You can see it in full below (cheers, Dot Esports!). As you can see, the clip is dedicated to the younger ones of Vi and Jinx perched on a rooftop at night in the almost steampunk town of Piltover. While the subtitles are in Chinese, the voices are in English, so you can hear their conversation for yourself.

The couple discuss their hometown, scanning its various locations in the distance and recounting memories of things that have happened in those places in the past – such as one of Vi’s childhood toys, which was cruelly tossed in a place inaccessible by a tyrant. “We’ve all had bad days,” she explains to Jinx, “but we’re learning. And we stay together.

Jinx then pulls mysterious and shiny trinkets from his pocket – none of them know what they are, but Vi advises him to keep the jewels secret between them. The clip ends with a gorgeous shot of the Piltover skyline, with its many glowing lights, and Vi telling Jinx that she’s stronger than she thinks, and that one day the city will respect them all. of them. With epic music, of course. Here is the clip:

New League Weibo arcane images from leagueoflegends

There is no release date for Arcane yet, but it should be released this fall. When first announced, Riot said the series would take place in “Utopian Piltover and the Underground Zaun,” with the origin stories of two iconic League champions at the forefront, with a clip shared in June of this year. giving us a preview of some pictures of JInx and Vi as adults (below).

Co-creators Chirstian Linke and Alex Yee also posted a video chat about the show in June, which you can check out at this link if you want to know more before it arrives later this year.

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